• Intersections: Art, Religion, and Pop Culture

    "For unless the spirit of art or of religion is infused into life, we never find it quite satisfactory. To be sure, men sometimes think they find perfection in certain things—in practical or moral endeavor, in love or in pleasure; but unless art or religion is mixed into them, they always prove to be, in the end, disappointing. " - Dewitt H. Parker, Excerpted from The Principles of Aesthetics
  • "Thinking gives off smoke to prove the existence of fire. A mystic sits inside the burning. There are wonderful shapes in rising smoke that imagination loves to watch. But it's a mistake to leave the fire for that filmy sight. Stay here at the flame's core. " Rumi

From Lens To Photo: Sally Mann Captures Her Love

I came across this beautiful, tender interview with Sally Mann just today.  Proud Flesh is the title of Mann’s  2011 work which documents  poetically, her husband Larry’s  muscular dystrophy.  The interview can be found at NPR and is certainly worth the read.  In the meantime, take a look at some of the work!

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Vanishing Cultures

  I just ran across this amazing project by Dennis Manarchy.  He has built a film camera that has to be  hauled in a semi from one place to the next.  His  goal is to make portraits of  people whose cultures are vanishing.  The scope of his project parallels that of Edward Curtis‘ North American Indian. … Continue reading

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The Blind Men and the Elephant

The Blind Men and the Elephant is such a wonderful parable that reminds us that “truth” can be stated in different ways! This parable has crossed between many religious traditions and is part of Jain, Buddhist, Sufi and Hindu lore.  A Jain version of the story says that six blind men were asked to determine what an elephant looked like by feeling different … Continue reading

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Heiner Schmitz, age: 52  photograph by Schels

Life Before Death

In Western society, many have lost touch with the  spiritual aspect of death and dying. We do not like the idea of death.  It conjures up deep fear of the unknown, and it reminds us that we are ultimately at the mercy of life.  We put off thinking about it until it comes knocking at our … Continue reading

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Photograph by Vance Jacobs

Interesting Observations Concerning Technological Shifts In The Medium of Photography

Below is a link to an interview with Vance Jacobs. Vance is an alumnus of the Savannah College of Art and Design.  The interview has some interesting observations on documentary work, advertising and technological shifts of the medium. Related articles First Look: David Field (

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Pentecostal Service, Jolo, WV 2004

Christopher Churchill: Faith

Christopher Churchill’s portfolio Faith was made throughout the United States.   The photographs show the diversity of a nation and the ways in which people strive to understand their place in the world.  See more work at Related articles Christopher Churchill on American Faith (

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The clouds are more beautiful from above; 2006Video/Film: HD video 8'49Guido van der Werve

VIP Art Fair Online Thru Feb. 8

You can attend the VIP Art Fair 2.0 virtually which is pretty awesome.  It is the second year for VIP, and I have to say that it feels pretty much like a traditional art fair. There are 135 exhibitors from 35 countries, with good representation of exhibitors from around the world including the Middle East, Asia … Continue reading

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“Miracles and Co.” by Joan Fontcuberta.

In the Mysterious Region of Karelia, Formerly a border territory disputed by Finland and Russia, stands the Valhamonde Monastery.  Practically isolated from the world by its Labyrinthine Lake topography and the perennial mists of Lake Saimaa,  Valhamonde was abandoned by its dwellers when Stalin invaded  Finland at the beginning of the second world war; half … Continue reading

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Slave Quarters Under The Oaks At The Hermitage in Savannah, 1900- 1915

Picturing 19th Century Savannah, Ga

Sherman’s headquarters while in Savannah, GA This is an image By George Barnard looking west from Factor’s Walk.  Barnard had a practice of combining interesting cloud formations with various landscapes to give the image an over all more appealing aesthetic. Note the large size of the clouds and how they “bleed” into the land and … Continue reading

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LOL Jesus!

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