Digital Montage and Collage

Mixed media, montage, and collage have been around for decades as an alternative expression in art.  However, there has been a rapid increase in the popularity of a few offshoots of these more traditional avenues. Both photo montage and digital collage are fast becoming the norm in our current society.  We live in a world that is constantly bombarded with images (print ads, newspapers, internet, television, bill boards). It is hard to make sense of and “digest” all that we see.   Photo montage and digital collage,  like their older cousins, express multiple realities and reflect, quiet accurately,  modern civilization.

Much of the work that Lynn makes is based in a variety of different mediums including  oils, mixed media, and digital collage.  Her most current work is a combination of both collage and photo montage techniques.The process is a rather lengthy process beginning with several hundred images collected from magazines and her own source imagery.  The images are put together intuitively without much thought  given to the initial concept.  Over time, the meaning of the image begins to reveal itself.  When she feels like she has  exhausted  all tangible possibilities, she takes the work and scans it into the computer.  At that point Photo Shop becomes the main tool for compositing and editing.  Images taken from the web are added as well as “special effects”.  The final images are output as  digital prints.  Lynn’s obvious influences here are web-based imagery, Hieronymus Bosch, cultural trends, myth, and theology.


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