Picturing 19th Century Savannah, Ga

St. John's Church, Savannah, Ga, 1865
The Green -Meldrim House

Sherman’s headquarters while in Savannah, GA

Factor's Walk, Savannah, GA. Photo by George Barnard

This is an image By George Barnard looking west from Factor’s Walk.  Barnard had a practice of combining

interesting cloud formations with various landscapes to give the image an over all more appealing aesthetic.

Note the large size of the clouds and how they “bleed” into the land and river.

Market Place, Savannah, GA, 1865

See what City Market looks like  today  and read about its history

Fountain in Central Park, Savannah, Ga. 1865

A modern version of this image can be found at


Slave Quarters Under The Oaks At The Hermitage in Savannah, 1900- 1915

There is an interesting story about the above image at


The Hermitage, McAlpin Plantation

Henry McAlpin’s 400-acre plantation was located on the Savannah River, just north of the city of Savannah–the heart

of a rice-growing region. McAlpin was one of the wealthiest men in the South. He didn’t just rely only on crops for his

livelihood; he manufactured bricks, rice barrels, cast iron products and lumber, too.

Cabins where slaves were raised for market--The famous Hermitage, Savannah, Georgia
Title: Cabins where slaves were raised for market--The famous Hermitage, Savannah, Georgia
Colonial Cemetery, 1900

Established about 1750, it was the original burial ground for the Christ Church Parish. The cemetery

was enlarged in 1789 to become the cemetery for people of all denominations.  More than 700

victims of the 1820 Yellow Fever epidemic are buried in Colonial Park Cemetery.  The cemetery was

already closed to burials before the start of the Civil War and no Confederate soldiers are buried there.

But the war did leave its mark on the cemetery. Federal troops took over the cemetery grounds

during their occupation of Savannah and many of the graves were looted and desecrated. It has

been said that Union soldiers changed the dates on many of the headstones.


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