Trey Turns 10

10 years ago today, January 22, 2002  at 7:48pm, my son Trey Buckingham  made his way into this world and into the lives of so many… a happy child full of light and love and wonder.  Watching him grow from a carefree child into a pre-teen who is now just beginning to understand  some of the burdens that will surely follow him into adulthood has been a bitter-sweet experience.    That carefree boy who knew no boundaries, who knew no fear, who knew only that life was there to serve him, now knows much more. My prayer for my “little man” is that as he moves deeper into his life’s journey  he will continue to cultivate his love and thoughtfulness of others.   I hope that he will remain curious about life and all things science.  I pray that he continues to hold a deep respect and admiration for all of nature.   Above all else, I pray that Trey will find a way to follow his bliss. Happy Birthday Trey!  I am so very proud of you and I am so thankful for your presence in my life!  I love you buddy! Love mom



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