Thin Places

“On this arid summit, where the winds blow hard, where no root takes hold, where distance seems infinite and heaven close, the spirit is tested and replenished, for the pilgrim had reached a thin place, where one steps into the highest dimension of one’s existence.”
— Michael Mullen, “Croagh Patrick, A Perspective”

There are places  where I sometimes find myself that seem sacred or, at the very least,  charged with the mystery and wonder of life. I have heard these types of places called Thin Places, those places where the veil between the physical world and the eternal world is thin, where the Spirit of all creation is felt,  and where God and  man seem more closely connected.

Thin places emit a sense of awesomeness.  In thin places we experience our smallness, yet we gain connection and become part of something larger than we can fathom. Thin places allow us to see ourselves, our deepest longing and desires, our hopes and fears, the beauty of Life in its entirety.

Thin places are repositories of wisdom, truth, and healing.   They  give us comfort, safety and strength to face ourselves .  Thin places connect us to what is Eternal–to  those that have gone before, to  those that are living, and to those whose physical lives have yet to begin. Thin places connect us to God.

Thought Is A Quiet Thing
Untitled (Sunrise) Savannah, GA 2011

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