Transforming The Ego

“ ‘Change’ is when something old dies and something new begins. But mere change might or might not be accompanied by authentic inner transformation. If change does not include personal transformation, we do not actually grow, we just grudgingly adjust.

The ego fights, avoids, and denies the necessity or advantage of any real transformation, which is why true spiritual growth is so rare and the Gospel is so hard to hear. The ego prefers the status quo—even when it is killing us.”   Richard Rohr

The Ego prefers the status quo- even when it is killing us!  Those are powerful words that make one stand up and take notice.  To maintain the status quo is to keep  things the way they presently are.   That sounds great to me, especially if I am thinking of my job, my family, my friends, the ability to maintain the house I live in etc… But that is not what Rohr is addressing.  According to Andrew Cohen, Ego is experienced as an emotional quagmire of fear and attachment. It is the part of you that is afraid, feels victimized, avoids that which contradicts its own understanding of self, and is invested in its own personal fears and desires.   It is attached to the past and is terrified of change.

So you see, when the Ego maintains that there is no need to be transformed into something more than what we have already become, piece by piece our inner selves begin the dying process.  We become stuck, looking for some means of salvation whether that be our own notion of self sufficiency or whether that be in the form of other “distractions” like work, relationships, addictive behaviors and the alike.   I have felt this many times in my life… the feeling that something in me is not right, that something in me is dying.  Time after time, I come back to the need for transformation.

Often, I have found myself becoming impatient with the process thinking that transformation is a one time step- by -step program, and at the end I will be whole.  That is not the case, however.  transformation is a process that takes us to the next level of our spiritual awareness.  That’s the way I like to think of it, and today I am ready to  embark on the journey forward.


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