Time To Reflect and Wonder

Sitting on a screened in porch overlooking the Atlantic Ocean day after day after day can certainly put some aspects of one’s life into perspective! Nature, untamed and living its self out…and human kind in the midst of it all!  How miraculous is that?

We know so little about our oceans and yet we rely on them heavily and take them for granted in ways that we should not.    Makes me stop and wonder how much I take for granted and truly how little I know about anything… a humbling experience for sure.

Seems to me that the most important things in life are those that bring us back to the mystery of  Life Itself.  I am thinking of time and space, relationships and love,  and the ability to create that which is has not ever been.  All  are mysteries, all are precious, all are life-giving.

How to live with the knowledge of this in such a fast paced world where much is easily overlooked or forgotten and where much is designed to replace that which truly brings our souls to center… that becomes the true challenge, at least for me.


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