Steel Magnolias Part II

I live in Savannah, Ga where all things are possible, and it is not uncommon to experience life outside of the norm.    That was certainly the case Easter Sunday as my children and I enjoyed  the company of neighbors and friends gathered at our hostess, Will Quaile’s house overlooking  the  marsh river on the Isle of Hope.  There were activities to be had by all including a wonderful spread of food for lunch and a very fine Easter hunt with both “adult” and kiddie treats alike (the kids hunted eggs while the adults looked for miniature bottles of various liquors).   Republican congressman,  Jack Kingston,  made a brief appearance that was noted, but for me, the life-sized seventy something year old bunny was the best treat!  How could the movie Steel Magnolias escape anyone’s mind after experiencing such a glorious day?  The only thing missing was the armadillo red velvet cake

Gathering For Easter
Could It Be Weezer?
Delivering The Goods!
The Dog And The Hare
Trey Taking A Break After The Hunt
Ready To Go

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