Fred Ritchin: What’s Next For Photography?

fred ritchin Towards a New phototography
Image by Steve Rhodes via Flickr

Fred Ritchin wrote the following for Foam Magazine in response to the question “What’s next?”

“The era of the photograph being automatically credible is over, for better and for worse. Photographs lied, but they also were capable of telling partial truths. They still are – the difference is that now photographs tell more of an individual’s truth, the photographer’s, and not an automatic truth, that of the recording machine. Photographs no longer say what was there, but what might have been there.

Will all this media help us understand what we have done to our planet and what we should do about it? Will we want to help? Or will we remain increasingly oblivious, as if we don’t live here but in some virtual spaces? (This is the new immortality – avoiding not only who but where we are.)”

You can read the rest at Pixel Press.  YOu can also view his lecture on the same topic below


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