Richard Prince De-Appropriating?

Everyone in the art world knows that Richard Prince just lost a court battle over the appropriation of  Patrick Cariou’s photographs from his book Yes Rasta. has the full story  in addition to an excellent idea:  “Prince’s Canal Zone could benefit from losing Cariou’s imagery, and I would love to see Richard Prince make the effort to execute this new “de-appropriating” strategy. It would be right up there in the amusing tales of art wars with Rauchenberg’s “Erased de Kooning” (and would, therefore, be the perfect follow-up to Prince’s current lame color-forms de Kooning homage). Maybe the effort would redeem him.”

I am in agreement!  Take a look


Richard Prince, “Back to the Garden” (2008 ) (image via


“Garden sans Cariou,” the first ever De-Appropriation, by Cat Weaver





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