A Second Birth

Heads, Sophie Cavein. 95 Heads with many different expressions that reflect the ups and downs of emotion in life.

Whether we find our “true self” depends in large part on the moments of time we are each allotted, and the moments of freedom that we each receive and choose during that time. Life is indeed “momentous,” created by accumulated moments in which the deeper “I” is slowly revealed if we are ready to see it.” (Richard Rohr)



K. Yovela Hershey over at  Threads of Blue has created a beautiful metaphor for what Richard Rohr refers to as “the deeper I”.  She writes,

“It’s not easy being born.  I’m not talking about that first moment when we pass into this world and take our initial, independent breath.  That’s over in a relatively short time and then it’s done – you’re born.  No.  I’m talking about the second birth, the one that begins when the first one ends.  This one takes a lifetime to unfold.  In the first birth, we’re born into this world.  But in the second birth, we’re born into ourselves.  That’s infinitely harder.

It happens differently for everyone, and at each person’s own time.  Some are born quickly and easily into themselves, and others labor and struggle through many obstacles.  Some race towards the end of the birth canal and some are perfectly content to stay safe in the womb of their illusions until the contractions push them out – kicking and screaming the whole way.

I’m being born right now.  This labor has been going on for many years.  At times I’ve embraced it, and at times I’ve resisted it.  I was sitting in the womb, comfortable and oblivious, until the contractions began to whisper “it’s time”.  And then the process began, and it’s going to unfold either with or without my willing participation.

I don’t mind the actual birth, but I’m not too thrilled with the process of being born.  You can’t rush it and you can’t make it any easier.  It’s going to unfold in its own time and way.  I wish I could wave a wand and be through the canal and blinking in the light.  But I can’t.  I have to go down that canal, and I have to be faced with whatever is waiting for me down there.  And I have to deal with it – all of it – before I can pass out of the canal and stand blinking in the light of who I am.

It’s not easy being born.”

Yes, the deeper “I” is the struggle to live into life with all of its changing climates and possibilities.  Sometimes it is comfortable , warm , and inviting and other times it is strenuous, dirty, and downright unforgiving.   If we remember that both are needed for our safe arrival into the birth of who we are to ultimately be, the voyage is all the more worthwhile and much easily acceptable.

I am reminded once again of the sacredness of life.   Our  lives from the time we are conceived to the day we die and are “born again” (in whatever capacity that might be) are Sacred.  Every moment we participate in, every decision we make,  every thought we may think has a part in fashioning who we become.   And who we become , that deeper “I”, is the vessel in which all of this is stored… our participation in life, the decisions we make, the thoughts that are generated…all reside in the vessel of our being. That vessel never fills up, only grows and transforms as we move deeper into our second birth.


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