A Post-Human Era Might Be Advancing More Rapidly Than We Think

No, this is not an article on the end times or global warming.  This my friends, is an exciting almost sci-fi prediction as to the future of the Human Race.  Last week, Time magazine featured an article entitled,  2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal. The premise of the article is that computers are becoming so fast that they might very likely outwit, out think, and out do us mere mortals.

There are many theories as to what this picture will look like, and they all have one thing in common, the transformation of our species into something that is no longer recognizable to modern society.  Two such theories include merging with computers to become super-intelligent cyborgs, whose computers  would extend  our intellectual abilities the same way that cars and planes extend our physical abilities. A second theory proposed is the possibility of scanning our consciousness into computers so that we can live inside them as software, forever, virtually.

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/health/article/0,8599,2048138,00.html#ixzz1EJ86Wcde

Courtesy Everett Collection


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