A Global Guide to Extreme Art Vacations

Flavowire recently published “A Global Guide to Extreme Art Vacations”.  All of the sites listed are probably worth visiting depending on your own interests.  These were my top picks.

1.  Cancun Underwater Museum.  The installation is entitled “Silent Evolution” and consists of over 400 cement sculptures located at the bottom of the ocean off the coast of Isla Mujeres. The artist, Jason deCaires Taylor, spent 18 months  on the project.

Silent Evolution, Jason deCaires Taylor
Silent Evolution, Jason deCaires Taylor

2. Sweden’s Tree House Hotel If you are one of those who enjoy communing with Nature, this just might be the ideal vacation spot. It is described as  boutique destination – visitors stay in their own tree. Each room is designed by a different architect for a different tree. How cool is that?

Tree House Hotel, Photo credit: Lagom Design

3. Peru’s Ancient Earth Works The geoglyphs of Nasca and the pampas of Jumana date between 500B.C. and A.D. 500.  Their function is thought to have been centered around ritual astronomical functions, but as of yet, this has not been determined.  Lines scratched on the surface of the ground  depict living creatures (monkey’s, whales, hummingbirds) , stylized plants and imaginary beings, as well as geometric figures several kilometres long.

Peru's Ancient Earth Works, Photo credit: Bluelemur

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