Out My Window

Out My Window is one of the most innovative documentaries for the Web I have seen to date.  Documentarian Katerina Cizek uses the highrise apartment building as a metaphor for living within a global community.  With over 90 minutes of material to explore, it features 49 stories from 13 cities, told in 13 languages.  My understanding of this project is that it will continue to grow and evolve producing other forms of presentation including  mixed media, installations, live presentations, and “big-picture” films to name a few.  The website states, “collectively, the projects will both shape and realize the HIGHRISE vision: to see how the documentary process can drive and participate in social change rather than just documenting it; and to help re-invent what it means to be an urban species in the 21st century. ”

When visiting the site, wait until it loads fully, and then click on “How To” at the bottom of the site for instructions on how to navigate the site in a way that makes sense.  I almost missed this, so I feel the need to point it out for better navigation.  On the right side of the screen you  will find the “places, spaces, and faces” .  These are your navigation buttons.  It is easy to miss due to its white font.

Click here to view Out My Window

Istanbul, Turkey

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