Mysterious Life

I read this blog post this morning The More We Learn, The Greater The Mystery and it got me thinking.

A few days ago I posted images taken through the Hubble Space Telescope which were highlighted in a slide show at the New York Times Website.  These images are remarkable to me.  I cannot wrap my head around the enormity of Space and its infinite possibilities.  I mean think of it this way, the Hubble Telescope has allowed us to see thousands  and thousands of light years away!  Isn’t that amazing?  And it has allowed us to see what we suspect (universal systems that might contain life).  I am in awe of how significant yet insignificant we are.  I am also made more keenly aware, “the more we learn, the greater the mystery.”

Life is a mystery.  There may be some things we uncover about the mystery in our lifetime, but so much more of that work will be left up to the generations of people who come after us.  In a way, I’m jealous.  I want to be there in those future generations seeing for the first time ever another part of the mystery revealed.  On the other hand, I am content and grateful that during my lifetime so much has already been unveiled.

What is truly remarkable to me is that these revelations did not come from any one person at any one point in time.  Although, history quiet often presents it that way.  These revelations were built on the backs of those who came before, dating all the way back to the beginning of mankind. Had the ancients and the generations that followed not participated in life,  had they not experienced triumphs and failures, life as we know it now would not be.  This, to me, is how humankind (life) is connected to both what was and what is to come.


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