Welcoming Sabbath

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In her book, An Altar in the World, Barbara Brown Taylor describes the Sabbath like this, “The Sabbath is the Great Equalizer, the great reminder that we do not live on this earth but in it, and that everything we do under the warming tent of this planet’s atmosphere affects all who are woven into this web with us.”

She goes on to cite her favorite prayer Welcoming Sabbath:

Our noisy day has now descended with the sun beyond our sight. In the silence of our praying place we close the door upon the hectic joys and fears, the accomplishments and anguish of the week we have left behind. What are but moments ago the substance of our life has become memory;what we did must now be woven into what we are.

On this day we shall not do, but be. We are to walk the path of our humanity, no longer riding unseeing through a world we do not touch and only vaguely sense. No longer can we tear the would apart to make our fire. On this day heat and warmth and light must come from deep within ourselves.”

The challenge she proposes: “Once you have turned off the computer and hung up the car keys, once you have decided to take one whole day off from earning your own salvation, are you ready to wrestle with the brawny angels who show up?


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