Some Thoughts on Being Authentic

I have become keenly aware in the last few months of how important being one’s authentic self is while also coming to terms with the realization that not many are interested in the authenticity of a person, but rather their OWN perceptions of who they themselves want to be and who they want others to be.

In theory, authenticity sounds noble and holds great promise. In reality, to embrace the totality of a person, both the admirable and the contemptible, the remarkable and the non-remarkable, the extraordinary and the ordinary, is to come to understand and accept that which is fallible in one’s self. It is this struggle with self, with the imperfections of one’s humanity that dictates the need for many to turn away from that which is real and from that which reflects truth. This in turn, forfeits the prize of self-actualization and allows for the other to remain cloaked in the deceptions of their own perceptions.

It is sad in a way, not to be able to grasp the uniqueness and complexity of fellow human beings simply because one cannot grasp the uniqueness and complexity of one’s own being. Isn’t this what we all desire… to be understood, to be accepted ,to be loved and appreciated simply because of who we are?


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